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The Top 10 BEST Tween Shopping Sites – Plus the 5 WORST!

For my list of The Top 10 Best Tween Shopping Sites of 2009-2010, I have listed 5 of the corporate obvious as well as 5 that may be a little off the beaten path.

In every situation of Tween shopping, the styles are more grown up.  Girls and Tweens are more keen on what they want and they emulate what the Juniors are wearing. It’s not just little girls in frilly dresses anymore.

1. Forever21 Let’s face it, Forever 21 is perfect for anyone.  They keep a steady flow of uber-trendy styles and the prices can’t be beat!  The sizes at Forever21 are more for the Juniors, however, the XS sizes can easily acommodate a girl wearing a 10/12-14/16.  But if you are truly a Girl or Tween, guess what?  They have just launched HTG81, the new line for kids!

2. PacSun Offers a very nice assortment of casual, SoCal style in a variety of brands.

3. The Buckle Awesome clothing selection for Tweens, Girls and Teens!

4. Justice for Girls – Justice offers a pretty good basic variety of clothing, though at times I feel as though I am looking at the same style in a hundred different colorways.   Being a glorified Old Navy line, the only difference I see here are the prices -which are a little higher than I’d prefer to pay.  However, on a good day with 40% off coupon, you can scoop up some pretty good deals.
Looking for an alternative to Justice?  Try Ruum

5. Hollister – The beauty of Hollister is, it transcends from later tween to junior sizes.  I even find myself purchasing from this store often because even though the styles are considered pretty basic, laid-back southern California, they are super comfy and the brand is very hip.  Not to mention, they pay attention to fit.  The little extra you pay goes a long way with Hollister.  They have greatly established themselves as a brand that can create long-term customer loyalty. The 13 year old girl who is a fan now, will be a fan until she is probably 28.

6. Aeropostale + American Eagle – Aeropostale is like the all-American brand with an insanely great price tag attached. You get everything here: the style of American Eagle (77Kids)  and Abercrombie with the price tags of Old Navy. It’s cute, laid back, colorful.  Who doesn’t love that?

7. Abercrombie – OK, this is Abercrombie with the lower-case “a” (abercrombie).  Pricey?  Yes.  Great quality garments and ultra hip? Yes.  Uses way too much cologne in their stores?  YES.  But the good news is, you can shop online!   Even better when you can take advantage of their Clearances!   Again, another one of those brands that grabs the target audience at an early age and transcends all the way into adulthood.

And now, a few top sites a little off the beaten path.  These fabulous sites offer a variety of brands and/or a niche market item:

8. Zulily I truly love this site.  First, you have to sign up to get the notifications of which brands are coming up.  They have featured brands such as Splendid Littles, Ella Moss and C&C California for example.  Great prices on garments that are high quality with great fit and classic. Great shopping site for Moms, girls, teen, tween and baby clothing!

9. Berry Jane What a fun line of leggings!  Berry Jane is fairly new to the marketplace, however, I have seen this brand in a few magazines already and it seems to be gaining popularity pretty quickly.  The website offers mostly leggings and has a huge variety of colors, prints and even hologram styles for the rock star in every girl.  The prices are moderate and maybe a little on the high end scale, however, these are made right here in USA and carried by boutiques in Beverly Hills, so it’s no surprise that they are a little pricey.

10. dELiA*s ( Buy one get one half off, 80% clearance items, super cute selection of clothes, what girl isn’t attracted to this brand?  It’s a lighter version of Forever21 with less selection and higher prices; So be good to your pocketbook and shop the Clearance section!  (This online store is now CLOSED) UPDATE: It looks like it’s coming back in Fall 2015!

Other notable mentions: Plato’s Closet (Sorry, this is a brick and mortar store only), Kitson Kids, Billabong, Guess? and Children’s Salon for the variety of stylish designers and brands at this online boutique. 

The Top 5 “WORST” Tween Shopping Sites (please bear in mind, these sites do not offer terrible clothing, they are simply not my personal favorites for the girl or tween who likes to be unique and fashionable.

1. Hannah Andersson ( I like the basics that Hannah Andersson offers.  The prices are moderate and the variety is good, however, this is not a line for fashionable, unique Tweens.

2. Old Navy  Old Navy is great, if you are looking for a good deal.  They understand they are Old Navy and don’t try to get away with pricey tees and jeans. If you don’t care about branding or fit so much as you do price, you can get two pair of jeans for less than $30.

3. WALMART Walmart doesn’t even need much of a statement or introduction.  I personally won’t buy any clothing from Wal-Mart. I didn’t like it as a teen and I still don’t as an adult.

Target.. Hello Mossimo!  It’s no big secret, Target has done an amazing job at transforming it’s image over the years. They are good about offering “trendy” garments at great prices.  The Mossimo brand is affordable and does not have any kind of real negative stigma attached. But in 2009, Target was still a little “off” for me.


Target “ANNIE” collection, 2009

4. The Children’s Place  ( Hello?  The whole point of being a Tween is stating the obvious: I am not a little girl anymore!  I’m not sure any middle-school aged girl, is going to do ANY kind of shopping at a store called “The Children’s Place”.

childrensplace1 childrensplace2

5. CWD Kids ( Whoever is designing for this brand must not have a Tween daughter. Great brand and site for little girls, not for the Tweens.

For the most UPDATED Top 10 Girls and Tween Shopping Sites, go to:  The TOP 10 BEST TWEEN SHOPPING SITES OF 2013

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92 thoughts on “The Top 10 BEST Tween Shopping Sites – Plus the 5 WORST!

  1. TV Star Watcher says:

    Thanks for creating a post about this. You’ve got a bunch of wonderful information here on your web site. I’m very! I have a few blogs that I try to keep fairly current myself but it is a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a very nice job with this one. How do you keep up?


    • Mama Bear says:

      This is a really old post and I understand that your position on these stores may have changed, but the way you wrote about the five worst was not necessary and really soured the whole article. You sounded like a stuck up child judging people’s coolness on how much they can afford in some instances (I’m using you saying that Old Navy means “el cheapo” as an example) and the brand.

      That being said, you did mention Forever 21 which is really inexpensive… BUT you slammed Walmart for it’s ethics on being a big box store and their policies, blah blah blah… Look up some of the stores in your top 10… You’ll find that they aren’t all ethics kings either and source out their production to third world countries.

      I had to check and see if this was in fact a 14-year old girl writing this in which case I could understand the mistake in sending that message to other teen girls.

      News flash: fashion isn’t about how much you can afford but about putting together an outfit from wherever you find it and rocking it. I wish people like you who have teen/tween girls look up to them would be more positive and less judgmental. Then again, my daughter wouldn’t take fashion advice from someone older than me trying too hard to stay young and relevant.

      Normally I don’t say anything, but think about your audience! They are impressionable girls who get enough crap from the media every single day. Be a force of positivity! It was refreshing to see the amount of young girls commenting that they disagree with you though and not caring what you think is cool.


      • Ava says:

        Dear Trina (AKA Mama Bear),

        I truly agree. Fashion is not about how much you can afford. It’s about individual style and creativity. This is precisely why I love to shop thrift, vintage and second hand stores.

        I appreciate your (judgement?) constructive criticism. This blog post was written in 2010, long before:

        1.) I knew anyone was reading, and
        2.) before I came around to better ways of communicating thoughts and ideas effectively. and
        3.) when I was a pretty big fashion snob, fresh out of the LA fashion scene (I am no longer there physically or emotionally).

        The truth is, people are always changing, growing. You can’t judge a person based on something they wrote 5 years ago, no more than I can judge you based on actions you’ve done in your past.

        You have to understand, I have been a professional fashion designer for over a decade. This sometimes translates to a fashion awareness that isn’t usually understood. There are literally thousands of incredible clothing brands out there- small boutique brands, independent designers who are doing amazing work, only to be overshadowed and overpowered by brands like WalMart, Gap, Old Navy JCPenny and target (Who, by the way just STOLE an Etsy designers tee and sold it in their stores before getting caught)

        I, too, have experienced first hand what it feels like to have my work stolen by a big box retailer. Target interviewed me back in 2009 and loved my denim saddle stitch design for the Mossimo collection so much the Sr. Denim Designer decided to steal it and use it. So, what you may be reading from my post from 5 years back is my disgust and my own struggle. Whether right or wrong, it is what it is—at the time it was written. I have thought about changing the post to a more refreshed version. And perhaps I will. I have had criticism on my posts, but I have also had a lot of praise, and quite a few moms and daughters email me after that post saying I went too easy on the following “Best of” years. I didn’t even include a WORST list in 2013 until I got badgered (in a good way, of course) by girls wanting to know. So, you can’t win everyone over.

        I appreciate you reading my blog. I don’t much appreciate the judgement or the harshness, but it’s OK. Perhaps you should read my most updated posts, such as the recent one on Bullying:

        All The Best,


      • Mama Bear says:

        Unfortunately I can’t hit “reply” to your comment back to me, so I will post it here. I was almost completely with you and understanding what you were saying and appreciated your retort to my comment explaining your position and where you were coming from at the time. 100%. I thought that your response was, for the most part, thoughtful and appreciated your honesty and admission that at the time of writing this, you were a different person.

        And then you passive aggressively posted the link about bullying and suggested that I read it… No where did I bully you in my comment. I agree that I was harsh when I said the one sentence that you were trying too hard to come across as young and relevant for sure, and I’m sorry for that. I should have worded it differently. In that sentence, I was reacting to your post in the same immature manner that I accused you of and that was wrong. I didn’t tell you that you’re worthless or to harm yourself or that you’re unattractive or anything remotely close to that (and I NEVER would) – I hurt your ego in one comment. I don’t comment on all of your posts or anything that would warrant you saying that. There’s a big difference. I guess you could say that I don’t appreciate your judgment either?

        That being said – you made a public post for people to read and comment on. You have to take the good with the bad, roll with the punches, and leave the passive aggressive stuff on the shelf where it belongs. If you’re mad that I said what I did about age and relevance when talking to young girls, totally understandable and you have every right to be mad, but just say that it pissed you off. I would probably be mad too.

        I felt your original article sent the wrong message to young and impressionable girls. I understand now that you’re in a different place than you were when you first wrote that. I hope you have a great day (not in a passive aggressive way but sincerely).


      • Ava says:

        I’m not angry in the least. And it wasn’t a passive aggressive response at all. This is why I dislike communicating over emails or posts. People can easily misunderstand. Just wanted to share with you my latest posts, that aren’t “snobby”. I didn’t feel bullied at all. Thanks for responding!


  2. Gregory Thatcher says:

    Hi, Very interesting article you have there. I actually run a couple of blogs on this topic, and since I have found some of your articles very informative I definatelty think that my members would enjoy reading them. With that said I would like to place a link to some of your articles on my blogs since they are more detailed than the information posted on my blogs. Thanks for your help!


  3. Thailand Top 100 says:

    You know, I gotta tell you, I truly savor this site and the useful insight. I find it to be refreshful and quite informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted a comment on The Top 10 BEST Tween Shopping Sites – Plus the 5 WORST! Tweenie Bopper – I just wanna tell you that you did a awesome job on this. Cheers mate!


  4. E, Dubo says:

    There’s a great site in Canada: (url omitted)
    Also, the Ella Moss girl and Splendid girl websites have great sales.


  5. Krazie Daisy says:

    Tween’s are hard, they are the “lost” group of young ladies when it comes to fashions. There are several great shops popping up around the corner every now and then. Please check your local towns for specialty stores.


  6. Elbee says:

    Thanks for your post. My almost 12 year old can’t stand when I say, “Let’s go to Old Navy.” In fact, she’d much rather get something at Target. I’m going to go check out the sites I’ve never heard of.


  7. E says:



  8. iamfashion says:

    well i love the site you love. And i totally love I’ll the stores you love! But for girls who are already have a couple nice jeans old navy is perfect so if all your other jeans are dirty there you go. Or if your going somewhere where you need jeans but the place is Dirty it is Perfect!


  9. Valerie says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have a tween daughter and I have been shopping at The Childrens Place for her clothes ever since she was three. She’s always been begging me to shop at abercrombie for her and I’ve always refused, saying it was too old for her. I’ve now returned back to reality and tomorrow I’m going to take her to the mall to get REAL clothes for her


  10. corene says:

    i agree on most of your comments but justice i think thats kinda off. My 11 year old daughter thinks that store is wierd other opinions from my 8 year old daughter loves justice


  11. sara says:

    I disagree target and old navy are great not justice (only their basics) but the good places diffenately helped!


    • Nikki says:

      I agree, I don’t see anything wrong with Old Navy, we are buying clothes for girls that are still growing and Im not going into justice and buying a skirt that is 49.90 just to have my daughter not be able to squeeze into it the next season. Most working parents with other bills and not getting paid to blog can not afford to feel bad about going to O.N and Target for quality clothes.


      • Girls! Tween Fashion says:

        Hi Niki, Thank you for your comments! I shop at a lot of thrift stores! I love to find amazing bargains there. In fact, I have been an avid thrift store shopper since I was a kid in the 5th grade! :) I don’t get paid to blog, but I sure wish I did! I’m a freelance designer by trade, blogging is something I do for hobby. Paying $49 for a skirt that: A) is made in China and costs the company $2 to make is ridiculous, I agree. and B.) for a skirt that she may outgrow a year later is understandable. Again, this is why I love bargain shopping. Raising awareness for all of the different styles and brands is what I’m doing here, not assuming that everyone makes a ton of $$$ to shop wherever they want and spend however much they want. It’s all about seeing the big picture. I personally love made in USA and supporting independent designers, and of course, second hand and thrift.


  12. Caitlin says:

    I have to agree on The Children’s Place thing. I don’t like The Children’s Place all that much (Aero and Justice are way better, and I’m 9 years old BTW) and my mom still shops there for me and my twin brother. :P


  13. Valerie says:

    Instead of Target in the five worst, I think you should have put Walmart. Personally, I think Target has greatly improved with their designs for clothes while Walmart remains out of style and bad quality. Also, I do think dELiA*s should’ve replaced Justice in the top 5 best. Please don’t get mad at me. Besides all that, I think this article was really useful.


  14. Crystal says:

    This is an awesome list I really like it the only problem is Hollister is really expensive and you didn’t put on here HOT TOPIC!!!


  15. PERSON says:

    i thought it was good… i pretty much LOVE the stores u mentioned and ur blog… but to let u know, know one my age thinks justice is cool AT ALL and old navy and target are SUPER CUTE if u look in the juniors section… any ways thanx for making great websites like this!!!


  16. Reina says:

    HELLO! This shop has many great tween and teen accessories; Plus amazingly unbeatable prices. They sell a modern line of jewelry ,
    although I wouldn’t wear thier earrings. Also a large variety of everything 1D. Go online or to a mall to shop there!


  17. Momof 2boystwingirls says:

    I liked almost everything that you said. However, when referring to tweens not wanting to shop at places like Children’s Place…and that their sizing goes up to 14, you missed a “beat” here. In my experience, unless you are a very petite 14 year old, you do NOT wear size 14 in these stores that go up to that size. They are simply for “larger” girls that are not tweens yet!!!! Our society is producing much fatter kids, but also there are taller kids…thus, the sizes going larger in “children’s” clothing stores. I for one, am not dressing my little girls in teenager clothing just because they are tall and do not fit in traditional little girl clothing.


  18. Aashna says:

    I had no idea where to shop and now you’ve givin me tons of choices! This blog is veery useful and interesting and you’re doing a good job. You even put the worst so now I know what to stay away from! Just to suggest, you could also put Gymboree as one of the worst. They go up to uuuuuummmmmmm……. I think size 12. Keep writing!


  19. bubblegumfairy223 says:

    Target has been doing better for tweens (like me) in the past year or 2, though. They have been getting a lot better, not just some cheesy and corny clothing like before in their older times.


  20. Jennifer says:

    Just a comment on what you said about The Children’s place and sizes. You mentioned that it goes up to a size 14 but you also need to remember that some girls are just big! While my 9 year old is still wearing an 8, my neighbor’s 2nd grader is already past a 14. Her biggest complaint was finding age appropriate clothing for her daughter.


  21. isabellart says:

    I was highly entertained by this post !! Really great ! As a tween and a young tween fashion designer I think that you are spot on. We are a challenging bunch to clothe for sure ! I would love your feedback on my website -Isabella Rose


  22. Claire says:

    Ok, this is kinda cool. But when you said “MATCHING mom and daughter clothes? Ewww!” That kinda hurt my feelings cuz I do that sometimes. Being a tween does not mean you can’t wear matching clothes with your mother!


  23. Jenny Miller says:

    Umm… I would have to disagree on target… most tweens aren’t shallow enough to care where their clothes come from, as long as they’re cute, or their style.


  24. anonymous says:

    I liked some of the companies you listed as “good”, but I thought labeling what you dislike was somewhat strange because you didnt seem to care what the clothes looked like, just how “cool” they were. I l LOVE your blog! But this is a bit superficial dont you think?


  25. Grace Lawrence says:

    Old navy is fine in fact a lot of girls in my grade wear it (I’m in middle school) otherwise pretty good list


  26. Abbi says:

    hi some of your posts I agree with but stores like hanna Anderson, the children place and a few others are for little kids why else would they call it CHILDREN’s place and some younger children are tall and need a size fourteen, im 12 and wear a womens size 1/2 because i’m tall and a shoe size 8 to 8 1/2 but overall good job on some of the stores on the list and most people get clothes from target such as myself because we need to budget and not blow our parnets money


  27. Chloe says:

    I disagree with most of the “Worst” First off, The Children’s Place, has sizes to 14 because some girls/boys are a little bit bigger, and need bigger sizes. Second off, being a Tween, isn’t about having expensive clothing. Old navy is perfect. A lot of tweens love to shop there, because it’s not that expensive all of the time. Unlike, Hollister, and Ambercrombie. Target, is perfectly fine. Some people don’t like going to the mall, and like that store instead. Finally, CWD kids, is like Children’s place. Some kids need larger sizes. Some actually DO wear sizes up to 14 even if they’re kids.


    • Paigeiscool says:

      The reason most kids do not want to wear clothes from old navy is because the styles are outdated (for tweens)


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  29. Eileen says:

    I like this post but it almost school time and I found a wonderful outfit from target (pink shirt, grey skinny jeans)


    • Hannah says:

      I have to admit, Target kinda does have cute clothes! I have this really cute tunic and it has like this aztec print. But the womens section is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it’s nothing but tee shirts and yoga pants. YUCK!!!


  30. Sally says:

    Old Navy is fine but does not have much selection for the tween’s. Target also does more for younger kids- Gap too. I have no problem with those stores and if you hunt you can find items for your tween. I just find it hard to find clothes in general for this age range. My daughter is very slim with long legs- very hard to find jeans!!


  31. Shelley says:

    I like the information, though a little snobby. Old Navy and Target have great prices and cute clothes that will surely be outgrown or out of style well before they wear out.


  32. livie says:

    I like this site and all the stores and I do agree with what you said about the bad and the good stores this a great site and it is neatly written!!!


  33. Reblious!! says:

    Hey I wear clothes from old navy,childrens place,and target and i love the clothes those 3 are not bad clothing stores(Justice is mass produced not target!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

  34. toni says:

    I’M 12 and justice is great it’s for girls 12-14 I love that place claires is nice to they do that store for babies kids teens and tweens I have never been to children’s place soo I don’t know much about it but I think if you’re tween is 13 target gas some really nice pajamas but sexy ones but not to sexy 😏


  35. Susan says:

    Thanks sooooooo much for posting this you helped me so much i used to shop at like macys YUCK there cloths were horrible saggy jeans ugh but thax going to forever 21 from know on lol


  36. Darcy says:

    Soooooo, all the cool Moms WANT their daughters to look like Hanna Montanta??? No, thanks, I don’t want any knocked up 14 year olds!!!


  37. Stephanie Lendora says:

    I actually have seen some clothes while passing by Target. They were actually pretty cute. But just remember to stick to the ones that are not too girly, but not too tomboy. Forever and rue 21 are really good. They have good quality and different unique styles. Justice is a little on the girly side, so if I went their, I’d pair it up with with a pair of jeans, skirts, capris, leggings etc. from other places like Aero and A&F. Overall, I think your list was really helpful


  38. ThatGirl says:

    I’m… Never EVER wear things from Justice. I’m 13 and I know that if you wear things from Justice, you will look stupid. Instead, of Justice, put in Aritzia. Everyone my age shops there now. Oh and everything that wasn’t in the top 5 or worst 5, I hqvent even heard of. I wouldn’t suggest shopping there


  39. Lauren says:

    If your 11 Can you shop at places like hollister because I’m 11 and i consider myself a tween and i don’t know if any of the stuff at some of these stores will fit me?


  40. Anna says:

    I have to disagree that Target and Old Navy are the a few of the Worst places to shop at for tween girls. My daughter who is 13 and has many friends that arils 13, love to go shop at Old Navy and especially Target! I also would not consider Justice for Tweens!!!!!


    • Girls! Tween Fashion says:

      Ok, Anna, you have to realize that this article was written FEBRUARY 12, 2010 A LOT has changed since then. A lot. At the time, Old Navy and Target were not offering decent collections. Much has changed in almost 5 years. Much. Thanks for your comments and excessive use of exclamation points, however!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Kami says:

    I’m not disputing your opinion here, just your tone. Not every child wearing a size 14 is actually 14 years of age. Clothing stopped coordinating with age for my daughter at about 18 months. She currently is 9 and is about 4 inches shorter than I am. She wears a 14 and quickly going into 16. So keep an open mind when condemning a brand based only on the size of clothing offered. Frankly it’s hard enough to dress her in age appropriate clothing as it is, i don’t need brands discontinuing what few lines there are based on size bias.


  42. Layla says:

    You would be wrong about Walmart. People only say “ew! don’t shop at walmart!” because it’s the stereotype. Maybe your walmart is different from mine, but mine has really cute clothes for 11-16 year olds.


    • Ava says:

      Thank you for your response, Layla. My own reasons to avoid Walmart are much larger than their “lack of cute clothing”, rather their lack of support and good ethics. Walmart is the prime example for how Big Box corporations have undermined people’s ability to make a living. It does this by sending manufacturing abroad to countries where labor is cheap, at the same time paying its own employees less than a living wage, using other unfair labor practices in numerous locations in the United States, and undercutting locally owned enterprises right out of business. It harms Main Streets and local commerce centers across the country and further drives people to malls. if you want to read more, this article is pretty awesome –>


  43. Anon says:

    I myself am a 13-year old girl and agree with most of your “bests” , but strongly disagree with a few of your “worsts”. Mossimo and Merona from the junior section of Target are very popular among young teenagers. Old Navy is an average store, not too bad, but mediocre. Many teenagers shop shamelessly at Old Navy and Target.


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